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Deliveroo (legally incorporated as Roofoods Ltd.) is an online food delivery company based in London, England. It operates in two hundred cities in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Kuwait. A subsidiary operation, Deliveroo Editions, focuses on developing a network of ghost kitchens—kitchens l...

IF YOU don't feel like cooking when you get home from work tonight, you should think carefully about your Plan B. That's the warning from several fed-up Aussie restaurateurs who have taken aim at Silicon Valley by dropping off massively popular food delivery apps - claiming they are exploiting small businesses. Two popular establishments in Melbourne and Sydney have protested against Deliveroo - on social media and told customers to think twice about using them in the future. Some outlets have even started to drop off the popular apps and they are urging customers to go old-school by going to the restaurant to pick it up themselves if there is no delivery service. Marios Cafe, an iconic eatery on Melbourne's Brunswick St, Fitzroy, has been trading since the 1980s. Owner co-founder Mario Maccarone let rip at the tech giants in a fiery social media post.


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Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Leadership are in total chaos and have a really hard time prioritising a business project for more than a fortnight before doubting themselves and switching track, the communication is poor, with the poorest coming from the CPO, who unfortunately is responsible for talent. I'd quote some of his tone deaf statements but you honestly wouldn't believe me. Reach out to a long time employee about this. There is also a chronic problem with middle management and "senior" (tenure, not impact) protectionism. TLDR: it sucks to be a talented IC here. Go somewhere else and avoid the burnout."

Current Employee - Associate says

"Rampant bullying faced by many people in the company, with a horrendous experience with the people team. The pay is terrible. If you try to speak up about the pay, they will shut you down. They will overwork you and underpay you and not compensate you for your efforts. Certain members in the people team are not capable with dealing with issues, and you would be shocked at what they can say. You end up feeling like you really have no one to turn to. I advise you to have another person in the same room during any meeting such that the tone from the HR managers can remain respectful. Multiple cases of sexual harassment in the company which were not dealt with in a promising way for the victims. It’s the company culture that really needs to change as it emboldens men to sexually harass their peers. Obvious nepotism occurring when it comes to salary increments and promotions. They like to pretend it doesn’t occur but it does."

Former Employee - Customer Service Associate says

"Not a friendly environment for Jewish people, Black people and Women. Before being made redundant, I witnessed teammates experience unfair treatment because they were black, inappropriate jokes made over Slack, Deliveroo’s internal communication and friends fighting internal investigations over antisemitic comments. Over my tenure at Deliveroo, there have been multiple investigations regarding anti-Semitic language, racial bias and sexual harassment claims. Most claims never lead to disciplinary action, and instead, the victims are left with no choice but to leave the company. At first look, the company can be mistaken for being open and diverse, but if you scratch a little under the surface, you’ll notice that there’s a lack of diversity in senior positions. Treatment seems fair until you ask questions regarding gender pay, temporary vs permanent contracts and reporting misconduct from senior execs. If JustEat is hiring, I suggest checking their reviews before applying."

Current Employee - Deliveroo Rider says

"No Training, Non responsive management and support, App Issues"

Current Employee - Rider says

"Account was deactivated due to being in a different country over lockdown. I've emailed about twenty times for them to reactivate the account although I've had not reply. This has been going on for almost two months now. Very disappointing I'm sure it would be very quick to resolve. Also unemployed and no current income"

Current Employee - Delivery Driver says

"Rider support can be completely unresponsive and just extremely unhelpful"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The leadership has no idea what they are doing, terrible HR policies, people are not appreciated and are expendable. Most managers have no managerial experience and do not spend their time managing people."

Former Employee - Ops says

"This place will make you depressed, with no empathy from managers who are so far up themselves it's not funny."

Former Employee - People Team says

"-Benefits are poor -High school drama like culture -The need for significant funding every 2 years should raise alarm bells, shows the lack of strategy, the flaws in the finance function as well as people team for allowing spend to get out of control -A lot of people in roles they aren't qualified to do, which results in big costly mistakes -Cutting entire departments and countries constantly with no empathy -Frat house culture, whoever is friends with the CEO gets a career boost and females don't get given an equal chance -Leadership on this team in particular"

Former Employee - Partner Service Agent says

"Messy policy decision process Reactive measures taken to competitors No resources available in all-rounded fields"

Addetto consegne (Current Employee) says

"Durante l'attività lavorativa vengono assegnati dei punteggi che sono fondamentali per riuscire a lavorare stabilmente, nonostante l'impegno nel mantere i punteggi idoneii, molto spesso l'azienda interviene, modificando i punteggi senza motivazioni ma soprattutto in controtendenza con le attività svolte da lavoratori, lasciando senza guadagno, per settimane/mesi.NessunoÈ lavoro subordinato, ma non viene riconosciuto nulla al lavoratore, che fiscalmente deve essere un libero professionista, ma senza nessuna autonomia. Lavoro totalmente subordinato."

Senior Salesforce Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I joined as a consultant and the team did not make me feel included. The senior manager was out of cahoots with the team. There was not a sense of belonging. The tech stack was ok but some of my team were self centeredFree Friday Lunches, Great Location, Great Office Space"

Collaborazione (Former Employee) says

"Ho fatto 1 anno di consegne, all'inizio paghe veramente soddisfacenti, poi Hanno iniziato a peggiorare in tutto e per tuttoIl giubbottoLo zaino, lo stipendio.."

Coursier livreur (Former Employee) says

"prix divisé par 4 en moins d un an , quel est le but ? ils épuisent les livreurs , alors qu ils ont plus de restaurants depuis le covid, c'est de l'exploitation, risque d'accident à cause de la fatigue , pour le même travail il faut faire 6 h de plus minium par jour pour un chiffre d'affaires quotidien équivalent.soit 15h par jour .scandaleux"

Deliveroo Cycle Courier (Former Employee) says

"I quit after not being able to get a single hour's work for several months on end. When you are able to work, it's a decent job with decent pay… but it's so rare that you'll be able to have consistent work each week.Exercise0hr contract and very poor management"

Operations liaison and rider (Current Employee) says

"Used to be great to work here as a driver/rider. But now it's just slavery. Seems they have lost interest in welfare of driver/riders. 6-8e per hour in Cork Except at the weekend when u can make a wage. Too many riders."

Coursier (Former Employee) says

"A fuir. Il faut réserver des créneaux pour livrer et quand on débute il n'y a presque aucun créneau. Allé plutôt chez uber eats au moin vous pourrez travailler quand vous voulez."

rider (Former Employee) says

"If you get ill with corona virus..they lock your account then dont reactivate it on the day they promised when you have already recovered. If you complain they claim its solved and STILL lock your account. They have ZERO job security. And always try to screw you over."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"After having worked with deliveroo for almost 3 years, they closed my account. Trying to talk to rider support about it, I went round in circles going nowhere. Seriously unfair. I did nothing wrong. Then all of a sudden I had no job and no reference. P***Poor show."

Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"Your gear , your paid insurance , your fuel and other costs and for this lately they offer you lies and between 6,50-11 £ per hour ( before taxes) less than 80 pence for mile in any weather condition. Sad , because people fall in the trap thinking its a fair paid job and Deliveroo exploit the naivety of the people only to make profit. Shame."

slave (Former Employee) says

"delviveroo are slave drivers who always try and pay workers less, ignore legal guides and will abandon its workers at the smallest notice. Uncaring, like talking to a broken computer.freedom to be exploiteddeath by traffic"

Delivery driver (Former Employee) says

"Deliveroo is the most bad company.They don't respect our drivers.They are just dog to bring for them money.You cant feel safety with them.If Deliveroo must to protect you never waiting from them this they just will block your account and will told you that is fault.Also they lying with price for delivery.Horrible company"

Rider (Former Employee) says

"I've been working with the company more than two years, and one day for NO reason they blocked my Deliveroo Rider App! NO holidays at all, NO fair wages, many hours out for low money. Numbers delivering number!"

Livreur à vélo (Former Employee) says

"Après une inscription au mois de Mai 2019, j'ai finalement abandonné mon projet de travailler pour deliveroo en Novembre 2019. Après avoir dépensé de l'argent et beaucoup de temps pour obtenir le statut d'auto entrepreneur, contacté deliveroo un grand nombre de fois je me vois contraint d'abandonner. A chaque fois ils m'assuraient que je travaillerais dans quelques semaines mais non ce sont des menteurs. Pendant ce temps la vous n'acceptez pas d'autres propositions en espérant la flexibilité de deliveroo mais au final vous avez juste perdu 6 mois de travail c'est déplorable. FUYEZ DELIVEROOchat pas désagréableCharlatans"

Kitchen assistant porter, dispatcher,manager (Former Employee) says

"they don't respect the employee , you perform tasks not related to your position , rudeand lazy management ,fourteen hours of work ......................."

Courier (Former Employee) says

"I used to work there as a first job and at first it was okay, the money was good for a 16 year old. But the shifts were long, there were no breaks at all if it was busy and there was literally no management"

Livreur (Former Employee) says

"Ce fut un trvail très stressant de plus les partenaires vous traites très mal."

lead manager (Former Employee) says

"Para solicitar puesto de Lead Manager envian tareas de estudio de mercado que no contraprestan alegando que son voluntarias....Claro, solo que si no la entregas sales del proceso de seleccion. Respirar tambien es voluntario, solo que si no lo haces mueres.pasas un rato productivoproductivo una megde"

chef (Former Employee) says

"Managers were ignorant and had no idea from kitchen work. The superiors just keep asking asking for things and when something was broken no one bothered to fix it. The equipment and hygiene was a joke."

Livreur polyvalent (Former Employee) says

"Esclavage 2.0 a fuir si on veut gagner sa vie a fuir"

Avoid says

"I wish there was a zero star. Absolutely shocking service. Took £28.55 from me and will not return. Basically food arrived but had leaked everywhere And part order missing. I complained and they put a credit on my account. Was fine with this only to get an email Later to say account suspended and they will not communicate further on the matter with me. I tried to contact them and they said they cannot speak To me. So basically they stole my money and I ended up with zero food I could eat."

MI KO says

"Bad service! If something goes wrong with your order they will not refund your money. Will be lucky if you get a voucher. Will be careful next time signing with a delivery company."

Marty Geddis says

"I placed an order, given a delivery time of 30 mins later, another 35 mins after that, still no delivery. Tried to cancel & get a refund due to time constraints - not possible apparently - offered me a £2.50 credit after wasting £15 !! Ridiculously poor customer service!! Update: arrived 50 minutes after given delivery time - had to bin it !!"

Allister says

"Left an umbrella outside my door to dry, and it was stolen by the Deliveroo driver. Unfortunately by the time I noticed, it was already too late. While getting food delivered is really convenient, I am only now realising what a massive security risk it is to have all these strangers coming and going around the property!"

Alyssa says

"Deliveroo sucks. It\'s a horrible place to work because of the pressure. Underpaid and overworked and no sympathy whatsoever. I am not surprised that they hire staff from 3rd world Countries.. They wouldn\'t survive otherwise. They also have such frequent app outages that you never know when you will go to work and the tools will work or not. Horrible experience"

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